Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Spicy Island Boys

Or are they just the "Spicy Boys"?

Hugh, Denis "The Lawman" and Gabriel are putting a band together for DickStock 2006. Tom Jamieson works the phones, trying to get them some other gigs. He's skatin' on thin ice....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

As We May Think

In 1945, at the close of World War II, Vannevar Bush {no relation} looked toward the future in an essay for The Atlantic Monthly.
This is thick stuff, but well worth the effort:

"As Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, Dr. Vannevar Bush has coordinated the activities of some six thousand leading American scientists in the application of science to warfare. In this significant article he holds up an incentive for scientists when the fighting has ceased. He urges that men of science should then turn to the massive task of making more accessible our bewildering store of knowledge. For years inventions have extended man's physical powers rather than the powers of his mind. Trip hammers that multiply the fists, microscopes that sharpen the eye, and engines of destruction and detection are new results, but not the end results, of modern science. Now, says Dr. Bush, instruments are at hand which, if properly developed, will give man access to and command over the inherited knowledge of the ages. The perfection of these pacific instruments should be the first objective of our scientists as they emerge from their war work. Like Emerson's famous address of 1837 on "The American Scholar," this paper by Dr. Bush calls for a new relationship between thinking man and the sum of our knowledge. —THE EDITOR"

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bill Graham Presents

I've always loved Radio Paradise and Radioio70's but I've just discovered

Wow. My Kindo Music. LIVE.

About WolfgangsVault.

Bill Graham
and his concert promotion company, Bill Graham Presents, produced more than 35,000 concerts all over the world. His first venue, the legendary Fillmore Auditorium, was home to many of rock's greatest performers - Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Prince - and the list goes on and on.

Graham taped thousands of live performances and stored the tapes in the basement of the BGP headquarters. These tapes and the concerts they captured lay dormant until the Bill Graham archive was acquired by Wolfgang's Vault (Bill Graham's given first name was Wolfgang) in 2003.

Vault Radio is now playing selected tracks from these concerts in an FM-quality, 128K digital radio stream. Songs will be added to and removed from the radio show on a regular basis. We will be broadcasting unaltered live performance music from many of the greatest bands of the last 40 years. The music you hear on Vault Radio has not been sweetened or polished. You'll be listening to what the band played that night - nothing more, nothing less.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Golmud-Lhasa Road, 1986

Golmud-Lhasa Road, 1986
Originally uploaded by DickStock.
Never Thought I'd Blog this Pilgrim who I met on the Road to Lhasa. Literally had taken a piss and shot this one off. Who can plan a bus break?
Guy had a bomber jacket on over his monk gear.
On The Road....

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I Found Found.

Always odd.